About Us

Our Mission
To seek out manufacturers who are actively interested in developing the Specialty Cheese and Fine Foods market in Canada.
To add value to the Industry and the Organizations with whom we do business.
To supply High Quality Cheeses to the marketplace that will satisfy the consumer.

Company Profile

Finica Food Specialties Limited, an importer and distributor of specialty artisan cheese and gourmet food items from around the world. We have been in operation since 1968.

Our core success has been built around the specialty cheese market. We started as the exclusive Importer for Finland branded cheeses. We have since expanded our line to include cheeses from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Wales and the United States. We Pride ourselves in developing Canadian manufacturers' products into success stories. An example is the birth 16 years ago of Celebrity International Goat Cheeses from Lindsay Ontario. We have garnered awards all over North America for our products, and most recently in 2014, we placed first in both the Best Sheep's Milk and Best Goat's Milk category, for our Tania Sheep's Milk Cheese and Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar, respectively.

In July 1995, Finica joined the Gellert Global Group of companies (, which includes Atalanta Corporation (, a leading and driving force in the food importing and international trading business. Atalanta has established itself in three continents with agents in almost every major commerce centre in the world. Today, Finica Foods Specialties Limited operates as a sister company of Atalanta. We continue to concentrate on our experience in the importing of cheese, meats and Specialty Food Market with a clear mandate to represent our suppliers through aggressive category management.

Our customer base includes Retail Chain and Independents and Foodservice. Our Distribution network is made up of Specialty Cheese and Food Distributors across Canada.

Some of the Unique Cheese brands we represent are Finlandia, Zerto, BelGioioso, Beemster, Celebrity International, Colliers Powerful Welsh Cheddar, Sartori and Snowdonia. Some Specialty Food & Meat brands include Dalmatia Fig Spreads, Menu, 34 Degree's, Volpi, and Les Trois Petit Couchons.

Finica Food Specialties Limited, is a member of the Canadian Food and Restaurant Association, American and Canadian Cheese Societies and is also an executive member of the International Cheese Council of Canada.

Moments in History
2003 We make a dramatic explosion onto the Canadian market scene introducing to the world "Celebrity International Cranberry Goat Cheese with Cinnamon" thus Celebrity International is born. The rest is just history!