Asiago Pre-Cut Wedges

Asiago derives its name from a small town in northern Italy. In Italy, Asiago usually means fresco (fresh), which has a mild flavour and soft texture. In Wisconsin, cheesemakers age Asiago to develop sharper flavours. It resembles a cross between sharp white Cheddar and Parmesan. Aged Asiago is more crumbly. Traditionally, the colour of the wax on Asiago indicates flavour: clear or white suggests mild; brown suggests medium; and black suggests aged. Excellent on any Italian dish, such as pizza or pasta. This is a delicious replacement for the usual recipe utilizing mozzarella. The product has also gained popularity in bread recipes.

Pronunciation: Ah-sce-ah-go
Appearance: Pale yellow
Flavor: Fresh: Clean, mild; Medium: More intense; Aged/Old: Buttery, nutty, similar to Parmesan
Texture: Fresh: Firm, but soft; Medium: Firm, granular; Aged/Old: Hard, granular


Cooking/Serving Suggestions
Table cheese, melting cheese, sandwiches, soups, sauces, salads, salad dressings, stuffing, bread crumbs, garnishes, casseroles

Food Affinities/Pairings
Pasta, red wine, figs, grapes, apples, pears

FLAVOUR - Sharp cross between a Parmesan and aged Cheddar
TEXTURE - Semi-hard table cheese made from partly- skim milk
CONSISTENCY - Creamy but some what crumbly at times
COLOUR - White
RIND - Wax or waxless for shredding
FORM - Round wheels covered with brown wax
M.F. - 30%
AGE - 6 months
SHELF LIFE - 9 months
STORAGE - Refrigerate at 4°C

Product Code & Pack Size:
15247 Asiago Wedges - 10 x 500 g
15248 Asiago Pre-Cut Wedges - 20 x 226 g


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