Goat Cheese Mediterranean

Topped off with the finest flavors of Italy—garlic, herbs, onion, and tomato! New on the market is a full-bodied goat cheese with all the garnishing, ready to eat straight on a baguette or gently toasted. There is no need for too much heat to make this cheese glow, but for added depth, warm it just enough to get it extra soft and melty. Mediteranean is ready for sunshine. Celebrity International goats are known for their flashy headgear. The new Mediteranean goat sports a Venetian-style straw hat with a ribbon. The decoration on the cheese itself is even more interesting. Crushed into the outside of each creamy, spreadable goat log is a mélange of Mediterranean vegetables and greenery. The idea of bruschetta was born during the Italian Renaissance. The standard bruschetta was a simple slice of bread rubbed with olive oil and then topped with spices. Along came cheese and the rest is Italian history! For an extra touch, marinate the cheese in olive oil.

STORAGE - Refrigerate at 4°C

Product Code & Pack Size:
22530 Goat Cheese Mediterranean - 12 x 130 g
22531 Goat Cheese Mediterranean - 6 x 300 g


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