Goat Cheese Original

Animal Rennet Free, 100% Pure Goat's Milk made in ONTARIO from ONTARIO Milk. Sea salt is added to the product, which is beneficial for the health conscious person or vegetarian because the salt has no iodine. For persons with lactose intolerance, goat cheese is a healthy alternative to cow's milk cheese products. Goats are fed roasted soybeans, which are higher in protein and energy, plus corn-fed from products produced on the farmstead.

Goat milk is lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in calcium and Vitamins A & B. Goats convert all the carotene in their diet to vitamin A, leaving the milk and cream pure white. The yellow colour in other dairy products is due to the carotene in the milk.


"Celebrity International" Goat cheese can be used in a wide variety of ways:

  • As an appetizer in bruschetta, salads, salad dressings, soups, or warmed onto a french stick
  • As an entree in traditional pasta dishes, omelets, pizza, vegetable dishes, chicken, beef, pork, fish dishes, creamed into a potato dish or used as an ingredient for stuffing
  • As a dessert with fresh berries or any variety of fruit, cakes, cheesecake or squares

The uses are endless, but best of all, "Celebrity International" Goat Cheeses can also be enjoyed on their own along with a fine red/white wine or imported beer.

STORAGE - Refrigerate at 4°C

Product Code & Pack Size:
22565 Goat Chubs Original - 12 x 130 g
22580 Goat Cheese Original - 6 x 300 g
22560 Goat Log - 2 x 1 Kg
22558 Goat Chevre - Bags in a box - 2 x 5 Kg

Also available in Crumbled
22566 Goat Cheese Crumbled - 2 x 1 Kg
22563 Goat Cheese Crumbled - 2 x 5 Kg
22558 Goat Chevre – Foodservice 2 x 5 Kg (pre-order allowing 1 week’s notice for this item).


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