Goat Cheese with Honey

Goats and bees have more in common than one might think. First is their insatiable craving for sweet flowers, and second is their tendency to sting. Stir around in a beehive and you might get stung in a bad way, but take a bite of tangy Canadian goat cheese and the sting is all good. Celebrity International brings la dolce vita to your table with its combination of fresh goat’s milk cheese and honey, with a hint of sugar that is extremely pleasing to the palate. One drop of this liquid gold, transforms a creamy chèvre into an irresistible spread for everything from baguettes to bruschetta. Honey Goat Cheese is just as versatile as it sounds, and it adds a sweet buzz to an otherwise savory cheese tray. Also COR kosher.

STORAGE - Refrigerate at 4°C

Product Code & Pack Size:
22590 Goat Cheese with Honey - 12 x 130 g
22592 Goat Cheese with Honey - 6 x 300 g


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