Salsa Pizzicosa

Fresh vegetables (onions, peppers, carrots, fennels, radish, celery, gherkins, cauliflowers) cooked with wine, vinegar, hot pepper, paprika, spices, tomato and sunflower oil to obtain a lasting and spicy sauce.

Serving suggestions: 
Spicy sauce with an intense and aromatic flavour. Ideal for red meats or sandwiches with ham or vegetables. Ideal for canapés, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, French toast and more. Excellent served as a cold buffet dish, served with grilled meats or hamburgers. It contains fresh vegetables and the seasoning of these vegetables gives to the sauce an intense and refined natural taste. The spicy aftertaste doesn't cover the flavours of recipes, but it enhances them making it palatable also for demanding consumers.

Product Code & Pack Size:
32172 Salsa Pizzicosa - 6 x 800 g


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