Beemster XO is matured for 26 months making it Beemster's oldest cheese. Many people see 3-5 year old cheeses in stores and ask us why we do not make an older product. Once you have tasted Beemster XO you will see the answer is quite simple. As a cheese matures the flavors one tastes in the cheese expands. As this process happens moisture also exits the cheese, thus leaving the cheese tasting crumbly and granular in one's mouth. Because of Beemster's unique milk, XO is able to obtain one of the widest flavor ranges possible in only 26 months and still retains its smooth and creamy taste. Beemster XO is wonderful with Port wines, as well as sweet whites, such as a Riesling. XO can also be grated and used as a wonderful alternative to Parmesan for pastas.

Product Code & Pack Size:
14010 Beemster XO - 1 x 12 Kg
14029 Beemster XO Quarters - 2 x 3 Kg


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